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Endowment Foundation

The Endowment Foundation is composed of volunteers who have the best interests of at heart. They’re the first supporters who ask, “how can we help” for causes that are near and dear to our hospital and community. And, thanks to their many hours of service and dedication, have helped the hospital grow. Since 1984, the Foundation has made many valuable contributions to support the Hospital, including: Operating Room tables, Physical Therapy equipment, an Anesthesia machine, Mammogram machine, Bone Density machine, Laboratory equipment, Cardiac Monitoring system, 64-slice CT Scanner, Ultrasound unit, and many more. The Endowment Foundation also played a large role in the hospital’s successful capital campaign for the large renovation project in 1998-2001.

The Endowment Foundation regularly organizes several events to raise money for hospital equipment purchases. The Annual Charity Golf Classic, which experienced a record-breaking event last Fall by netting $55,000, and the Thank You Dinner, which acknowledges donors with a fun dinner event to say “thank you” for all of the support given, are two regular events. The Endowment Foundation has worked thoughtfully to benefit the hospital for over 30 years, and the group aims to do even more in the many years to come.