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Caro Community Hospital

401 N. Hooper St.
PO Box 435
Caro, MI 48723-0435
PH. (989) 673-3141


Hill Medical Center

465 N. Hooper St.
Caro, MI 48723-1406
PH. (989) 672-5112


Caro Medical Clinic

220 E. Frank St.
Caro, MI 48723-0435
PH. (989) 673-4126


Health Services

705 E. Frank St.
Caro, MI 48723-1623
PH. (989) 673-1670


CCH Financial Center

852 S Hooper St.
Caro, MI 48723-1695
PH. (989) 672-5121


Patient Portal

Welcome to our new Patient Portal!

Caro Community Hospital and NextGen Healthcare Information Systems are pleased to announce the availability of a patient portal specifically for patients. This is a secure online website that allows patients to have 24 hour access to their personal health information from anywhere they have internet access.

The patient portal offers patients a variety of options. They can see a summary of their last hospital stay, lab work, allergies and medications. As Caro Medical Clinic continues to progress with electronic medical records, their patients will also be able to email questions, complete forms online and even send a request for an appointment. Appointment requests can only be for follow up visits. Caro Medical Clinic is still in the process of setting up the patient portal. When this is available, the patients will be informed at their visit and asked if they wish to participate. The patient will be given a token which they will use to complete the registration process. They will also receive notifications to their email when information is added to their portal. The office can send forms to the patient before a visit to be completed and sent back. These forms will add information directly to your chart. It will allow you to complete your Medical, Surgical and Family History and list your medications from the comfort of your home. Many times, we feel rushed and forget to give information that the provider should be aware of. It will also save time in the office-they will review the information and not have to enter it.

Registration is asking outpatients if they would to like enroll.  We will collect your email address and enter it into the electronic health record.  You will receive a welcome email from Nextmd and also one from us that contains your temporary user name, password and security question answer.  You will be prompted to change this when you log in.  If you are admitted as an inpatient or as an observation patient, the nurse will enter your email address and give you the print off with the temporary user name, password and security question during your stay.  Outpatients are entered after the fact, you may have a delay before you get the email from Nextmd and us.

The ER patient portal is slightly different.  The email has to be entered at the time of your visit, usually as the nurse is doing the discharge instructions.  The information you need to access the portal will print off with the discharge instructions.  Unfortunately with the ER product, we can’t register you after the visit.  This is still a learning process for the nurses in ER.

The ER electronic charting doesn’t share information with the Nurses’ Station electronic charting.  This means you have to enroll in both portals.

You are typically notified of lab results just after midnight if they are completed here.  If the labs had to be sent out to a reference lab, you will not receive those results electronically.  That will hopefully be changing soon.  Radiology results also do not come to the portal because they are not electronic yet.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Tammy at (989)-672-5129.

Patient Portal User's Guide

Click Here to Log into the Patient Portal.