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May 2017 - Theron Zaucha

Registered Nurse, Emergency Department

Theron is a great RN! You can tell by the amount of Prime Awards he is receiving! He is very helpful and great with patients. Many patients have thanked him for everything he does. It is nice to have a strong RN on our team! He is always polite and friendly with his co-workers and is a great asset to have on the Caro Community Hospital team! Thank you for all that you do!


April 2017 - Kelly Garza

Registered Health Information Technologist

Kelly is an employee that goes above and beyond to help her fellow co-workers. She is always willing to help no matter what the task. She is an excellent employee, she is always friendly and has a smile on her face. She has a “behind the scenes” job but she is such an amazing co-worker and a true GEM at CCH!


March 2017 - Leonard Warren

Director of Pharmacy

Leonard is probably the best example of an employee that anyone would want working for them. He has made so many improvements since working here and is ALWAYS willing to help. The patients and his workplace come first. It is nice to see someone always working with a smile on their face. Leonard is a prime example of what a model employee should be! Thank you for being such a positive vibe to the workplace everyday!!


February 2017 - Mary Scigel

LPN and Patient Care Coordinator at Caro Medical Clinic

Mary is an excellent employee, great co-worker, and a true asset to the clinic and CCH.  She is a true patient advocate who routinely goes above and beyond expectations to ensure our patients receive the best possible care. Mary has definitely brought “World Class Care” to our community!


January 2017 - Theresa Atkinson

Director of Ancillary Services

Theresa is a great manager! We feel blessed to have someone that cares so much about the company and her employees. She never says no and is always willing to take on new tasks when she is asked. She is not afraid to jump in and work with her employees when needed. She always has a positive attitude that helps everyone around her! Thank you Theresa, for all that you do!


December 2016 - Dan Meyerholt

IT Specialist

Dan is a great addition to the IT Department. He is always friendly and will to help you out with any problem. He never seems bothered when asked a question and always responds in a timely manner. He explains everything and always makes sure that you understand what he is saying before moving on to the next project. He always follows up on items. It is great to have an employee that cares! Thank you so much Dan!


November 2016 - Adam Prill

Assistant Facilities Coordinator

It is nice to have someone that is always willing to help and take on any additional tasks that are asked of him. He is always pleasant and positive to both co-workers and outside vendors. It is awesome to see someone with such a hard work ethic. He is a great addition to the hospital and I think anyone would say he is a pleasure to work with!


October 2016 - Denise Crosby

LPN at Caro Medical Clinic

WOW! What a great employee! She is AMAZING with patients and works very well with the other staff! It is nice to have someone with such a positive attitude and always willing to work! CCH should feel blessed to have such an asset on their team! Thank you Denise for all that you do and all that you bring to the Hospital!


September 2016 - Jennifer Soye

Patient Registration Clerk

What a great person to work with! It is nice to come into work and be excited to know the person you are working with has a positive attitude. She is WONDERFUL with patients and helps them in any way that she can! 


August 2016 - Cindy Kitchen

Patient Accounts Biller

Cindy is excellent at helping patients. She is very patient, cheerful, and willing to explain bills and insurance.  Cindy puts in the extra effort to make sure patients understand their bills and will make sure they are directed to the proper place if their bill is not with CCH. Thank you Cindy for all that you do!!!



July 2016 - Robin Stec

Registered Nurse - Emergency Department

Robin has worked here a long time and has always done a great job. She is hard working and always pleasant with patients and staff.  It is nice to see someone dedicated to their work.  She is a positive person with a great outlook on life! Thank you Robin for all that you do!



June 2016 - Thresa Neeley


Thresa is very friendly and always has a smile on her face and a great attitude! She is always looking for ways to help out the patients that walk through the door and is very good at handling the high volume of calls that come through to the hospital. She is exactly what 
CCH is looking for in our employees!


May 2016 - Randy Whittaker

Director of Non-Clinical Services

Randy is always kind and courteous to employees. He accepts calls 24/7. He helped save the hospital $8,000 a year on the phone bill and is always looking for ways to save the hospital money. He takes pride in his work and supports CCH 110%. Even under the most stressful situations, he always remains calm, professional and helpful.


April 2016 - Kristie Moore


Kristie is detail–orientated with her job performance, making CCH an extra clean environment to be in. She projects a warm smile to employees and patients while offering help at all times. She goes above and beyond with her work duties to provide outstanding service for staff, patients, and visitors. Kristie’s dedication at work and her cheerful attitude are characteristics that represent what we should strive for. Outstanding job, Kristie! Keep up the excellent work!


March 2016 - D.J. Kothe

IT Specialist

What a great worker!!! He is always willing to help and comes as soon as he can.  It is nice to have such a dedicated and hard working person at the hospital. This department would not be easy to work in because of the high demand but he always does what is asked and has a smile on his face. Thank you for all that you do, your hard work needs to be recognized!


February 2016 - Marcy Campbell

Respiratory Therapist

She deserves this award more than any person I know. She is always great with patients and co-workers. She comes to work ready to do her job and never complains. I have never had a bad interaction with her nor have I ever heard of one. It is refreshing to have someone around that is always upbeat and positive in nature. Caro Community Hospital is very lucky to have such a great employee and she truly needs to be recognized.



January 2016 - Christy Whetstone

Registered Nurse

Christy is always friendly and happy!  She creates a positive work environment for co-workers and is always ready to help anyone who is in need. She is honest, respectful,  encouraging, outgoing, and hard working.  She is an example of what all of us should strive for.  She is a team player and really cares for her patients and co-workers. Thanks Christy for all that you do!



December 2015 - Kristy Suerwier

Registered Ultrasound Tech

Kristy is the type of person you want to see when you walk into a hospital. She is always smiling and laughing and is SOOO good with her patients. She treats patients and other staff members with respect. Caro Community Hospital is lucky to have an employee that not only does her job well but loves doing her job. That alone can make all the difference in the world. Thank you for all that you do, Kristy! You truly deserve this award!


November 2015 - Rachel Riedel

Registered Medical Assistant at Caro Medical Clinic

Rachel is a hard worker with a great attitude. She is willing to help others and do what is needed to keep the office running smoothly and ensure that the patients receive excellent care. Rachel can be counted on to do her job and she is pleasant to be around. She repeatedly helps others and is a great asset to CMC and CCH.


October 2015 - Sally LaPratt


Sally has been a long-term employee with Caro Community Hospital. She may be quiet but she is one of the hardest workers you will ever find. She always does what she is asked and is willing to drop everything to help an employee. The hospital is lucky to have such a dedicated worker that is always on top of her job.


September 2015 - Carrie Graf

Receptionist, Caro Medical Clinic

Carrie is an all-star employee and is always willing to help out whenever needed. She has been asked to work several positions and never once said no or complained. You always see her with a smile on her face and willing to help out both employees and patients. We are lucky to have such a dedicated, hard working employee that goes above and beyond what she is asked.


August 2015 - Pam Brinkman


Pam is a hard worker. She has been with the hospital for several years. She may not have a job that a lot of people interact with but when she is asked a question, she always makes sure she gets the answer. She takes pride in what she does and does it well.  Thank you for all your hard work, Pam!


July 2015 - Kirsten Meyer

Patient Registration Clerk

What an amazing person! She is always smiling and saying hi to everyone in the hall. She is also amazing with patients. You never see her getting worked up; she is always calm and collected.  It is so nice to have someone who is confident in what they do and preforms their tasks so well. It is also nice to come into work knowing you get to work along someone that you can trust. Caro Community Hospital needs more people like her on their staff. She is truly a blessing to have here!


June 2015 - Mindee Hamman

Patient Registration Clerk
Mindee does an outstanding job in her role as the patient registration department. She is always cheerful and polite no matter how hectic the day is. She is extremely efficient in performing her tasks at hand. She is always willing to help anyone. It is a very rare occasion, that if you pass by her in the work area she doesn’t flash you a smile. It is nice to work with people who understand what it means to be part of a team. She has strong work ethics and has a lot of compassion for other people. The hospital is very lucky to have such a great person as their employee.

May 2015 - Cindy Venema

Medical Records Clerk
Cindy is not a person that a lot of people see or may even deal with but she is great with fellow co-workers and patients. She always says hi and has a smile on her face. She is one of those people that really holds the hospital together. Thank you for all that you do, Cindy!